Miscellaneous Information:

«Werner Bätzing, born 1949 in Kassel, Germany, Professor for Cultural Geography at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen-Nürnberg since 1995, has studied the Alps for over 25 years. His research and teaching, his publications and participation as scientific adviser for the most important alpine organisations, make Bätzing a leading expert on problems of the Alps as a whole, with a special focus on the structural changes resulting from urbanisation and depopulation in general and the growing disparities endangering cultural landscapes in particular.

Werner Bätzing was one of the first to study all the alpine communities between Nice and Vienna and gave the Alps a special position within the European planning policy. The publication «Die Alpen – Geschichte und Zukunft einer europäischen Kulturlandschaft» has developed since 1984 into the classic of critical alpine literature. And the guide «Grande Traversata delle Alpi GTA» is a book of dreams for trekkers and an income generator for local residents.»

Albert Mountain Award 2006