Miscellaneous Information:

«Born in 1961 in Zurich, Christian Zehnder is a Swiss musician who, as a singer, vocal acrobat, director and performer, has long engaged with the Alps as a soundscape. He is interested in nonverbal forms of expression of the human voice such as ‘jutz’ and yodelling, which he refines by combining with contemporary vocal techniques and overtone singing.

As a crossover artist whose work combines jazz, classical music and alpine folk music, Christian Zehnder is a trailblazer in the field of New Music. He coined the terms ‘urban yodelling’ and ‘New Alpine Music’, has explored echoes and other primeval sounds, and has, with the greatest naturalness, combined opera with yodelling, and avant-garde with native sounds. He has played his music around the world in various formats, including with the Duo Stimmhorn. He has thereby become one of the most innovative and creative cultural ambassadors of the Alpine region.

Today, Christian Zehnder is Creative Director of Klangwelt Toggenburg, as well as of the newly emerging Klanghaus, a unique centre for sonority and resonance in the midst of the Alps that will introduce a wide audience to the Alps as a soundscape.»

Albert Mountain Award 2020