Miscellaneous Information:

«Prof. Dr. Bruno Messerli, born in Belp, Switzerland, in 1931, geographer, scientist, researcher and teacher, played a leading role in establishing the Mountain Chapter of the United Nations’ Agenda 21, evidence of his exceptional and tireless commitment to a sustainable development of the world’s mountain environments, to the protection of their fragile ecosystems, to the preservation of their heritage, and to raising public awareness of their significance and importance as sources of water, energy, food, recreation, and challenge.

Bruno Messerli’s numerous publications, scientific papers and books are proof of his continuous endeavours to give geographical research enhanced socio-political relevance. The book «Mountains of the World: A global Priority», edited by Bruno Messerli and Jack Ives and intended for the eyes of the UN General Assembly, met with world-wide appraisal.»

Albert Mountain Award 2002


Bruno Messerli died on 4 February 2019 in Muri bei Bern.