Miscellaneous Information:

«Born in 1956 in London, Mick Fowler is the leading British alpinist of the last twenty years. He has done first ascents on rock, sea stacks and ice in the UK and on remote mountains from the Americas to Asia and the Himalaya. Mick Fowler is one of the most successful and innovative mountaineers of our time, constantly searching out and mastering difficult and beautiful lines on largely unknown peaks of up to 7000m. His unique style stands against the spirit of the time which overvalues so-called records.

Fowler is an amateur in the best sense of the word, accomplishing his climbs in his free time whilst working as a tax officer and remaining a committed family man. He has written two books about his adventures. He is the current president of the Alpine Club. Together with Paul Ramsden he was awarded the Piolet d’Or for their ascent of Siguniang in Sichuan, China.»

Albert Mountain Award 2012